Scottish FBU Leader’s Policy Breach is Indisputable

Here’s a snapshot of Roddy Robertson on the ‘Yes Scotland’ film.


As you can see, the caption identifies him as “Roddy Robertson, Executive Council Member for the Fire Brigades Union Scotland“.

In addition, the YES logo is attached to the ID caption and Mr Robertson is wearing a YES campaign badge.

There is therefore absolutely no doubt that he is in complete breach of the Union’s policy that stipulates that all officials, in their Union capacity, must remain neutral.

Now, this isn’t about him supporting the Yes campaign. It would be the same issue if he was advocating a No vote. This issue is that he is campaigning in his Union capacity, which is against Union policy!

If any other official in the Union had been so blatantly breaking Union policies and rules as he has been doing, they would have been suspended long ago!

So, why not him?!

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Scottish FBU Leader Breaches Union Policy!

The ‘Yes Scotland’ Campaign has published a film on their facebook page, showing Roddy Robertson advocating support for independence.

As a private individual, he has the right to do so, however he did not do so as a private individual. He did so in his capacity as the FBU Executive Council member for Scotland.

At the Union’s conference in May 2013, a Resolution was carried that made it absolutely clear that the Union “will remain neutral on this issue and not indicate support for or against Scottish independence

This policy was reiterated by the General Secretary when he issued a circular to Scottish members and officials in March this year, in which he stated that whilst individual members and officials may wish to participate in debates and campaigning, that “such activity should not be undertaken in the name of the FBU, nor should any indication, hint or suggestion be given that views on a Yes or No vote reflect the views of the union.”

The General Secretary went on to say that “members, particularly officials, who make public comment in relation to a Yes or No vote, or seek to influence public opinion on these matters should make it clear that they speak purely in a personal capacity“.

There is absolutely no doubt that Mr Robertson has openly disregared this Conference policy and is in clear breach of the Union’s Policy and Rules.

Let’s look at what exactly he says in the film:

I’m voting yes because I believe in public services.

I’m Roddy Robertson. I’m the Executive Council member for the Fire Brigades Union. I’ve been a senior official of the Fire Brigades Union for over 20 years.

I’ll be encouraging my members to vote yes because I believe that that’s the only way we can protect the public services in Scotland.

I’ve watched the damage to my colleagues, my comrades, in the fire service south of the border and I know what’s coming our way if we don’t vote yes

So, did he fail to state that he was speaking on a personal capacity? – Yes!

Did he undertake such an activity in the name of the FBU? – Yes!

Consequently, did he give an indication, hint or suggestion that his views reflected the views of the union? – Yes!

Did he fail to remain neutral on the issue and not indicate support for or against Scottish independence? – Yes!

Is he in clear breach of the Union’s Conference policy and General Secretary’s instruction? – Yes!

This complete disregard for the policies and rules of the Union follows on from him leaking internal FBU emails to the Press and publicly lambasting the General Secretary in a Sunday newspaper.

In the past few weeks, two of his key supporters have been removed from their posts in the recent round of elections – Mr OBE and Mr Chaudhry (he who supported management’s proposals to cut crewing levels).

Further elections are to follow, which will inevitably see new blood put in place and more of his minions kicked out!

His world is crumbling around him and it appears that he is now completely out of control!

He cannot be allowed to openly flaunt and disregard the Union’s own policies and rules. If ordinary members can’t, then neither can he!

*The film of Mr Robertson can be seen on our Facebook page.


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The Tide is Definitely Turning

With the restructure of the Scottish Regional committee almost complete (with only the Chair posts in Districts 6 and 7 left to fill) and the recent election of Stevie Thomson as the new Scottish Regional secretary, which saw the removal of the previous incumbent, Mr OBE, the tide is finally turning for Scottish FBU members.

Their illustrious Scottish leaders for the past few years have spent their time pursuing their own personal and political agendas and in the process, with the help of their sycophantic followers, have driven the Union to it’s lowest ebb in living memory.

The Fire Board’s decision to close five Fire Control rooms, with the loss of over 100 uniformed Control operators’ jobs; the introduction of the detrimental duty system for officers; the ongoing loss of hundreds of uniformed posts, with many more losses proposed; all agreed in “partnership” with the Scottish FBU leaders, are but a few of the catastrophic decisions that has seen the new Scottish Fire and Rescue Service engage in a race to the bottom.

The complete failure of the Scottish FBU leaders to even challenge these cuts is bad enough, but the fact they agreed them, is now leading to their downfall.

Paul Wilson, the former Scottish Treasurer, resigned from the post some months ago under (as yet) unexplained circumstances and Mr OBE was removed from his post, when he was overwhelmingly defeated in the recent Scottish Secretary election.

In the next month or so, the election process for the post of Scottish Chair will begin, which will inevitably see the current incumbent, Alan Paterson, removed.

On the back of that, the election for Executive Council member for Scotland will take place. The question is whether Roddy Robertson will retire (which by that time he would be over 3 years past his retirement date), or if he will be foolish enough to try to get re-elected!

Either way, it is as certain as day turns to night that he will be gone as it is he, more than anyone else, who is responsible for the complete mess that the Union in Scotland is in and it is he, more than anyone else, that Scottish FBU members want rid of.

That will then only leave John McFadden, who will be completely isolated, as the last remaining member of the current Scottish FBU leadership team; a leadership team that will be long remembered for causing more damage to members’ jobs and conditions, and indeed the Fire Service, than any other!

This is not to mention the absolute debacle that was their synical and contrived removal of Scottish members’ strike ballot in the pensions dispute.

The new Scottish Regional committee and new Scottish FBU leaders (when they are in place) will have an extremely difficult task ahead.

For them to try to stop management’s cuts agenda, so readily accepted and supported by their predecessors, will be hard enough, but to regain what has already been lost, will be almost impossible.

The damage that has been done is considerable and much of it irrecoverable.

What Scottish FBU members will see though, will be new officials who will actually reflect the views of those they represent and who will at least fight against cuts and any further detrimental proposed changes.

There is still work to be done to complete the much needed process of change, through the democratic election  process, however this will now be done in months rather than years, giving FBU members a much needed and welcomed light at the end of what has been, a very long dark tunnel.

Hopefully then FBU members will see a united Union that will fight against cuts and for its members’ best interests.

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Hello and welcome to the new Blog that seeks to shed light on issues relating to the Fire Service, but particularly the Fire Brigades Union in Scotland.

The Blog is mainly for Scottish members of the FBU, but also for anyone else with an interest.

The main purpose of the Blog is to INFORM. As firefighters in Scotland will know, they get precious little information from their illustrious Union leaders. Considering that firefighters live in a time when PENSIONS are under attack, when the Fire Services are have amalgamated into a SINGLE SCOTTISH SERVICE (which has already seen hundreds of job losses, with more planned), and when firefighters haven’t had a decent PAY RISE for years; it is incredible that there has been so little information coming from the Union in Scotland.

This Blog will strive to furnish as much information as possible, as and when it becomes available.

Furthermore, it will shed light on who the elected Scottish representatives are and what they get up to, IN THE NAME OF FIREFIGHTERS THROUGHOUT SCOTLAND!

No doubt, this Blog will be attacked by the Union. This will hardly be a surprise, however, they are in no position to do so. If the Scottish Union leaders were doing their job, and informing and involving FBU members in decisions that will affect their future, such a Blog as this would never be necessary.

The administrators will endeavor to update the Blog as often as possible.



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